Sunday, 8 March 2015

Episode 3: 64 days on MiniMed 640G: Smart Guard

Welcome back. 

Following last week's introduction to my 640G system that you can read and watch about here, this week saw me getting more used to it.

The big selling point for this new pump system is the Smart Guard insulin control function. You'll find more about it in the video below but in summary the pump predicts when you are going low and cuts the insulin supply and then restores it when you start to come back up again. It sounds pretty cool and for me it's been working really well in my first two weeks of usage.

The second part of the video blog (or vlog as the kids call it) looks at the pricing of the Enlite sensors. Obviously this is entirely based on your location. So for me I'm considering the UK only where CGM use is normally not paid for by the NHS and therefore for continued use with a compatible pump I would need to buy the sensors. And yes, I did drag in a little helper as I needed some help with the maths :)

As promised here's a link to the facts behind SmartGuard

Hope you enjoy the video and please come back next week when I plan to have a good look at the bolusing now on offer and how this has changed in the new pump!

Before you go also have a look at Laura who gives her spin on the SmartGuard. And also John who's preparing to get drunk!

Have a good week!


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