Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Episode 6: 64 days on MiniMed 640G: Running with SmartGuard

Hello there!

Thanks for coming to visit the latest instalment on tales from the land of Minimed 640G.

For the observant ones amongst you you'll notice we've gone from Episode 4 to Episode 6 without number 5. Well 5 was a video blog only about CGM basics and can be found here. Worth watching, even if I do say so myself. 

This week I made a second attempt at going for a run whilst on video and this time I managed to not turn the cleverest bit of the pump off. So it worked. I was very fortunate that James from Open Adventure came along too and helped to keep me going and also do his Jeremy Paxman impression.

So watch the video and then come back for some more thoughts.

That was an example of me using the pump in a way that's not ideal but proving to the extreme what the SmartGuard could do. For me running normally would involve a suspension of insulin before starting, some carbohydrates pre-run, a few sweets along the way and then some careful monitoring afterwards. The difference the 640G has made to my exercise is mostly in the post-run time. Previously I'd be concerned about a later drop in blood glucose level and this meant lots of extra testing and treatment. Now I'm more confident to leave the pump to do it's stuff as it will protect from the lows. 

From the exercise point of view I'm off to a Diabetes Sports Weekend in May when I hope to learn more about how to handle the pre and post run highs and lows.

Hopefully you're enjoying my blog pieces on this piece of kit and I've been getting some very nice comments which I'm very grateful for. This week I hope to grab some photos of maybe even some video of the 640G in action while I'm attached to a thin wire on the side of a cliff. Follow this link to see what I mean. And yes, we are doing the extreme version. Why did I think this would be a good thing? I've no idea!

And then next up I want to have a look at what the 640G offers when you strip away the CGM elements. As I've mentioned before full-time use won't be that common in the UK until it gets NICE approval and even then, will probably only be needs based. And I'm fairly certain I won't meet that criteria so it's time to open the wallet. Which in turn means if/when I get the 640G permanently I probably won't have 365/24/7 CGM usage. So how does it compare to the Veo and also to other pumps out there? As I've only used the Veo before I may need some assistance with the comparison. All volunteers with assistance are welcome!

If you've got anything you want me to cover then either leave me a comment here, on the videos or via Twitter.

Finally here's some more links to other great vlogs I've watched recently.
Firstly there's John's tales of drunken adventures and occasional shirt removal. Shameless!
Next up we have Laura answering questions from other people with diabetes about her 640G whilst simultaneously juggling degus!
And lastly pop over to have a watch of Emma's fantastic video on her CGM kit bag. The obvious things are the best ones and I can't believe I'd never thought of using velcro. Genius! Well done Emma and it's a great video.

Have a great week and see you soon!


PS As a quick final note this blog's picture comes courtesy of my 24 hour CGM profile that is recording a maximum of 10.2 mmol/L (183 mg/dl) and a minimum of 4.1 mmol/L (73.8 mg/dl). This was almost identical to yesterday and they both rank up there with my best ever CGM 24hrs!


  1. Great blog Dave - really interesting to see how 640G coped without you doing *anything* beforehand. Not sure I'd have been brave enough!

    Best. Outtakes. Ever. ;)

  2. Hi Dave, another great blog. I've been on the 640G for the past three weeks and it's been great! Well that is apart from developing a hatred of cupboard door handles as I have nearly ripped two sets out with the line catching on them. I don't know why I took so long to transition to a pump it has provided me with so much more freedom then daily multiple injections. Your blog has been a really good source of information on how this whole pumping this works which has been fantastic for a new pumper like myself. I am yet to try the CGM side of things as here in Australia they are also a bit cost prohibitive. My only suggestion to Medtronic would be to add the bolus wizard to the GM and that would be it. Keep up the blogs!



    1. Thanks Scott.

      Door handles are an enemy of me too! Medtronic have now launched a 45cm tubing for the Quicksets that seem to help not having as much tubing floating in the air.

      And yes, if the Bolus Wizard was on the meter then that would be much better. Maybe one for next time Medtronic?