Listed below are a few terms that may be helpful to the reader:
BG - Blood glucose levels usually measured by taking small samples of blood from the ends of fingers and getting a result froma meter within a few seconds.
CGM - Continual Glucose Monitor - A small machine that measures blood glucose levels whilst being permanently attached to the wearer. The results given are usually around 5 minutes delayed as the CGM measures interstitial fluid rather than the blood itself. Calbiration is also required several times a day by testing using normal methods.
D - Diabetes / Diabetic

DOC - Diabetes Online Community. Made up of knowledgable and well-respected users and administers of insulin ;-)
HbA1c or A1c - A longer term blood test that measures average blood glucose levels over a few weeks.
MDI - Multiple Daily Injections - the method of insulin delivery by diabetics that controls blood sugars
Pump - A method of insulin delivery that is permanently attached to the diabetic by a thin plastic tube connected to a small electronic dosage device.

Team MDI - the faithful followers of the Multiple Daily Injections principle of control
Team Pump - the dark side. Those who choose to pump and avoid multiple daily stabs in the stomach or legs.