Friday, 13 January 2012

CGM Is MINE - well for a week anyway

Just a quick one today.  Please meet Adam's and my new best friend Mickey the Minilink Transmitter.

Added onto my Veo this gives a complete CGM-Pump combo that allows what I think is some of the best control options currently "available" to type 1 diabetics.  You'll notice I've put available it little speech marks as they're not available to everyone due to funding, insurance etc.

I am fortunate that my local clinic has a couple of transmitters that it can loan out with a single sensor applied by the DSN.  It was inserted using the 180 degree Serter and was relatively painless.  It's stuck on with the supplied sticky stuff which I'm hoping will be enough for the six days I have it.

After an agonising two hours whilst it calibrated I ate some food, bolused, for the first time ever I'm getting a linear graph of what's roughly happening to my BG levels whilst the carbs and insulin take effect.

The next six days will see me doing lots of basal testing and also exercise and using patterns to try and find out what works for me and what doesn't.  Tomorrow starts with a huge test while I spend the day replacing my garden fence recently bent to destruction in the wind.

I know people have varying success experiences with a Medtronic CGM but as this is my first time and so far the Veo is proving reliable I'm hoping we get on perfectly fine. An update will follow next week providing my graphs are as flat as I hope them to be - yes, I am now laughing and shaking my head.

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