Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thank You DOC

This will be a brief one as the message is simple:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

For once this isn't to anyone in particular. But to you and anyone else who has ever read something I've blogged or tweeted.  And an even bigger thank you to those who've just written about their experiences and troubles with the big D.

For years I was in an effective diabetes wilderness looking after myself but never talking to other diabetics and the DOC was just something I didn't even look for. And it's not that I couldn't find you; I just didn't look.  I didn't understand how much I could get from talking to others in the same position as me.  And I know this is because for years every D I seemed to speak to had perfect control and everything mastered. I didn't have this and didn't want to be told how stupid I was.

However, venturing onto Twitter and certain forums where A1cs weren't boasted about as badges of honour soon made me realise I wasn't on my own and people were facing the same or similar questions to me every day.  And because it's a worldwide community, whatever time of day it is there's someone somewhere to hold one or both hands if needed.

So in summary thank you and keep up the good work everyone. Someone out there, even if they don't speak up, appreciates what you're doing. Every day.

This is the second of two posts today. Be sure to read the first one here Nine Weeks In :-)

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