Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I Want It Back! AND Meeting Real Diabetics!


Time for a quick update and some further feedback on the CGM.

CGM - Muuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm, but I reeeeeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy want one! :(

Well the CGM  had to go back. I loved it and would be tempted to self-fund but the ongoing cost to me is unfortunately prohibitive.  I'm a numbers kind of person and will happily spend all day building macros and nested formulas in Excel until the cows come home.  The chance to view a constant graph of my BG and the predictive alerts was mesmorising.  I don't have bad nighttime hypos so never got to use the Low Glucose Suspend but understand it's value to users in countries where it is licenced.

I managed to get 7 days out of the sensor but day 7 readings went a bit quirky so I'm not sure if that was me or the sensor.

The only decent sized negative was that I had another bit of kit stuck to me.  It's taken decades for me to think that having a pump permanently connected is a bad thing so maybe this extra contraption adorning my previously 'clean' body was a step too far too soon.  A combined pump and CGM can't be too far off so I'm hoping once the Veo 'fails' (more on this below) in four years there'll be a suitable all in one device.  The stumbling block will still be the cost of consumables but I'm a glass half full person so this won't be a problem ;-)

I got to meet REAL diabetics in person!

Last night was the first time in I've been to an organised meeting for diabetics in about 25 years. And it was the first time I could go feeling that my voice was important and on a level with my peers. As I've now joined the P Club I was invited by my DSN to a meeting of local pump users and we were joined by my Consultant who provided some interesting feedback on the politics and approach of pump supply and management in my local area.  It was fascinating to hear stories of other pumpers and pump use ranged from five years to one week.  What surprised me most was the average age of the users being much higher than I thought it would be.  However, that might have been down to willingness to attend rather than the actual spread of local pumpers - old people love social meetings like this and the suggestion for the next one to be in the pub might help to bring a few more younger ones in. <--- I know, that me sound really old!!!

As might be expected everyone loved their pump but it surprised me at how much some people were adamant it had changed their lives.  Particularly the older users who had previously stuck with a very static and fixed meal and exercise plan loved the ability to "just go for a walk and eat an apple whenever I like".  There were a couple of #teammdi members there who were pondering the move across and I think it helped to smooth any fears although I did say, and will continue to say, that moving to a pump should only be something you do if you really want to.  It doesn't guarantee perfect control but facilitates
the ability to do so.

It was great to sit down with other diabetics for a couple of hours even if there were the customary "Hi, I'm Dave, I'm a diabetic" introductions at the start.  Hopefully it won't be too long until the next meeting and hopefully a few more attendees who are closer to 21 than retirement.

Oh, one last thing.....

Pinch, punch, first of the month. Have a great February!


  1. Good to get an update :)

    Glad to hear Adam is still putting in good service and 100% agreed about the wish for full time CGM (and I've not even had a go at one yet!)

    Meeting at the pub sounds good... and of course now on a pump *much* easier to handle without the spike/crash boogie.

  2. Thanks Mike.

    Adam is being as reliable as ever. CGM is an interesting one. I'm not sure I'd wear it 100% of the time but having it more available would be wonderful.

    As you know I'm all for further alcohol based research in multiple environments and situations.