The Big Event

Hello again.

Just a short one today to say look here, yes here.  You’ll then find my review of Diabetes UK’s first Big Event.  It had a few trade stands and a selection of 19 lectures and discussions delivered by healthcare professionals and other people with diabetes – and sometimes that was the same person ☺

I hope you enjoy it although I apologise if it’s a bit long – I do tend to ramble a bit as you might have realised by now.

Before you go though I’ve got a request for my UK readers – Hi there.  The government has a consultation in place at the moment relating to food labelling. If like me you like your carbohydrate values shown on your food then you need to tell them before they swap them for some simplistic traffic light symbols.  I’m not sure how the pump’s bolus wizard would handle me telling it that the item I was holding had ‘amber’ carbohydrates.  And maybe you’d like it to be compulsory to show total carbs per packet or item rather than just per 100g leaving you to guess how heavy something is.  If you would, tell them.  Tell them now.  The consultation ends on 6th August 2012 so I’m afraid this isn’t something you can put off to do later.  It won’t take long. Just do it. NOW! HERE!

Hope you have a good week.