Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Walk in the Hills for JRDF

Just received this and as much as I'm tempted, timings aren't convenient. If you can though it sounds fantastic!!!

Calling all those living with type 1 diabetes – could you climb Kilimanjaro?

Be part of type 1 diabetes history and climb Kilimanjaro - JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charity, is looking to recruit the largest team of people living with the condition ever to scale the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  This thrilling event is also open to those without type 1 diabetes.

For seven consecutive days in June 2014, the JDRF team will trek the beautiful Marangu Trail, through muddy rainforest, along rocky paths and over valleys, past glaciers and ice cliffs. Each night will be spent at a different campsite offering team members the opportunity to wake up to a stunning scenic view every morning – and to return home with the satisfaction of having scaled Africa’s biggest mountain.

The challenge has been carefully assessed and planned by Classic Tours, with fully trained medical staff on hand to assist. With an extra day spent acclimatising on the mountain (compared to many routes), this is a great chance for those with type 1 diabetes to reach the summit.  But you don’t have to have type 1 diabetes to take part; this trip will take up to 35 people to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

‘The JDRF Climb Kilimanjaro challenge is a fantastic opportunity for those with type 1 diabetes to prove to themselves and the world that having the condition does not stop them embracing the most physical and exciting conquests. There will be DSNs (Diabetes Specialist Nurses) joining in the climb, who will provide specialist advice on training tips, equipment and nutrition. With careful understanding of how the body works, participants will have the chance to reach the summit, and return with the satisfaction of knowing that no challenge is ever impossible.’  Dr Ian Gallen, Editor of popular diabetes and exercise forum and Consultant Diabetologist at the Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust, Reading.

JDRF is now recruiting people living with the condition to join the challenge – and to show the world what they can do. They will trek alongside Becky Botham-Armstrong, the daughter of Ian Botham, and professional snowboarder Chris Southwell.

'Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of nine was incredibly challenging for me and my family. But I learned to manage my condition. I also learned that having type 1 needn’t stop you doing wonderful things in life. There’s no better way to prove this than climbing Africa’s highest mountain. In summer 2014, I will be joining a team of JDRF supporters – all living with type 1 diabetes – to climb Kilimanjaro. I am very proud to be supporting a charity that funds vital research to better treat, prevent and eventually cure type 1 diabetes.'  Becky Botham-Armstrong

‘Climbing Kilimanjaro is part of my 7C7A Challenge which will see me take on 7 of the most demanding endurance events on 7 continents, to prove that having type 1 diabetes should not stop people from living their lives to the full. I want to use this challenge to help raise awareness of type 1 diabetes worldwide and prove too what a person with diabetes can achieve.' Chris Southwell, professional snowboarder and JDRF Ambassador

 How to take part

JDRF would be thrilled to welcome those living with type 1 diabetes onto the bespoke JDRF Climb Kilimanjaro challenge. To take part you will need to register as a self-funder:

·         Pay a £350 registration fee at the time of booking to confirm your place and pay a further £1,749 + £450 in taxes nine weeks in advance of the event (11 April 2014).

You are then able to raise simply as much as you can.  We would suggest setting yourself a target of £750.

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