Sunday, 9 February 2014

Long Live Mr Rockwell

Time for a follow up to my blog post from August about a fictitious appointment for Fred when he was seen by Barney at the local hospital. The end of this was that Barney would be contacted within six weeks by his Diabetes Specialist Nurse and then would return to see Barney six weeks later to judge success from the fantastic and considered tweaks proposed.

Continuing my attempts at fiction I’ve decided to develop the story five months on (Booker Prize here I come!) .…. 

Life goes quiet for Fred in the meantime but then he receives a letter advising that he has an appointment at the hospital again. This excites Fred as he really wants to share the work he’s done over the last few months to try and improve his overall control. However, paired with this he’s been experiencing persistent lows in the evening which drop further into the morning. He knows that a CGM loan from his DSN will help to try and identify the cause and also help to convince him about their use in the long-term. Like myself he has a belief that they would assist his overall control. Thankfully Fred’s DSN agreed with his request and one was fit for the week before his appointment at the hospital. It was really useful to Fred as it showed some areas to work on and also highlighted a few good points about his control too.

Before the appointment it’s expected for Fred to get a full set of bloods done but after the appointment in the summer he was nervous about this as he wanted to talk about a few things. Also his annual Christmas virus meant that for two of the previous four weeks he ran unusually high and he was convinced a higher than fair HbA1c would reflect incorrectly on his overall control. Because of these factors he took the slightly naughty step of avoiding the bloods being taken before the appointment but would be happy to have them taken that day for consideration afterwards.

After speaking to his DSN beforehand on how to ensure he avoided Barney again. Tactics were given and upon arrival Fred expressed a desire to three different professions that he wanted to see Mr. Rockhead today; not Barney. Something along the way worked (I think it was DSN 1 and 2 combined that fixed it) and Fred took his numbers and questions in to see Mr. Rockhead. A good discussion was had by all and the consultation was a conversation and discussion in contrast to last time’s lecture.

The results were that some tweaks were agreed and Fred was happy with the outcome. Fred was convinced that his thoughts had been considered and because of this he bought into the suggestions offered. It was a win-win. Without this buy-in then walking away from the appointment Fred would know what he’d been told and he may have made the relevant changes to his insulin but within days or weeks the willingness to push for improvements just disappears. Following Fred’s appointment with Mr. Rockhead he’s convinced the changes are a good thing and is still doing those things.

I hope you liked today’s tale and I also hope you don’t experience a Barney but meet with a Mr. Rockhead every time.

That’s all for now though please come back very soon for an update on my previous post about my thoughts on CGM.


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