Freestyle Libre - Moving Pictures - Part 1

Well hello there!

Just occasionally I have a gander at the stats behind the blog to see what brings people to my mutterings. I have two posts that consistently rank as the most read and they both relate to the Abbott Freestyle Libre. You can find them here and here and I wrote them last year when the Libre was first launched. Since then I've bought plenty and you may remember James had one on and highly recommended it when we went running with the Medtronic 640G and SmartGuard.

Every detail in those posts might not be covered here so if you've got any questions it could be worth checking there first of all.

Anyway after giving video blogging, or vlogging as the cool people call it, a go earlier in the year with the 640G I thought it was time to resurrect the camera and give it another go. Added to that my co-star kept asking me when we could do it again too!

So below you've got me introducing the Freestyle Libre and showing how to insert and start it off. 

Please have a watch then pop back here....

As I said that was part 1 and part 2 will follow towards the end of the 14 days so if you've got ANY questions you'd like answering either drop me an email, leave a comment below or on YouTube and I'll try and answer them in the next vid.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found it helpful.



  1. Great blog Dave - really detailed for people thinking of jumping in to Libreland. Hope your BGs have begun to settle down a bit. You are so right with how demotivating chaotic BGs can be.

    1. Thanks Mike. Yes, settled down to almost sublime numbers - it won't last. Now I'm slowly reducing insulin again. No idea what the cause was; possibly an infection that was just under my 'noticing it' radar.


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