Welcome readers! For those of you visiting for the first time I say a hearty "Hello!" and I hope you like what you see. Feel free to have a meander back through the archive. As we'll come to shortly, I've been having a reminisce about all of my diabetes and certainly a lot of my blog-life. There's some decent stuff in there I think and I hope you like it too.

So before I wrote my first blog here, I'd spent a little time in the world of Twitter and other lesser known forums. I started to meet some fantastic people with Type 1 Diabetes. And one of those people was the most wonderful Jen. Otherwise known as Miss Jen Grieves. Over the years we've stayed in touch and it's been great to see her turn her blog into a multi-media encompassing library with something for everyone.

Last year she delved into the world of Podcasting with her Type 1 on 1 series. It was great to see her speaking to some fantastic people who all tackle this little monster called Type 1 Diabetes in their own special way. It came as surprise recently when she dropped me a line asking if I'd be part of her Season 2. Nervously I said yes and we arranged to have a chat over my experience of diabetes through the years.

It was great to speak to her and I hope you find it interesting to listen to my verbal ramblings, and pseudo counselling session, under the expert guidance of Jen.

Before you click away and listen to what we talked about, thank you, as always, for taking the time to visit my page. If you've got any questions or comments please leave them below, find me on the socials or drop me a line to the email address at the top of the page.

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Stay safe and enjoy!


PS. I mentioned Diabetes UK (as they are now) camps from my youth. Here is a trophy I won at Springhill Camp in the late 1980's for tidiest tent. As I said in the Pod' sport wasn't my strength back then! 


  1. Dave, welcome back to the blogsophere. I hope you have a terrific run at podcasting. Oh an yeah, of course I will be a guest. :)

    1. Cheers Rick. Thankfully I was only the guest and not a host so this will be a very limited run of one!

  2. This is great news! I will track down that podcast episode immediately!


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